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When people are stressed, they may experience symptoms of anxiety, worry, and/or withdrawal. They may even start taking actions to escape these stressful feelings. That is why it's so important to practice self-care.

Basically, self-care includes any activities that help maintain physical, mental, or emotional health. It can help people feel healthy, relaxed, and lessen their stress. Below is a list of some activities to help you practice self-care.


Self-Care Activities

  1. Do an activity that relaxes you

  2. Make an appointment with a therapist

  3. Make a self-care box with items that relax you

  4. Write down five things that you're grateful for

  5. Start a journal where you can write down what you're going through

  6. Breathe in and out slowly

  7. If you're in school, reach out to a counselor

  8. Text a friend you can trust

  9. Try to identify one good thing that happened to you today

  10. Spend some time in nature by taking a walk

  11. Practice repeating kind words to yourself

  12. Snack on some of your favorite healthy foods

  13. Get a glass of water and sip it slowly

  14. Text the National Crisis Text Line at 741741

  15. If you're having suicidal thoughts, create a safety plan

  16. Try aromatherapy or just smell pleasant smells that comfort you

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